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OH FINE, MUM You know I love you Domo.

Yeah, I should. Let's try doing this again.

Day 185-I-don't-even-care (the fifteenth of January will be day number 367, we can start counting again then)

So just a quickie today.
Love the texture of that sky.

If I go missing without explanation for more than two days again just challenge/insult/plead/lure/guilt/shame me out of hiding, please.

Do you guys want to see the things I was drawing while I was being obtuse and silent?

I think I lost what little I gained in anatomy so I want to focus on that (or at least as focused as it gets in here). But I'll throw in something or other else too.
Anatomy is the hard, mechanical, technical extreme of drawing. Colour is the fun, fuzzy, creative other end. Don't focus too much on either one.

I don't think I will, if it isn't for someone else I usually don't feel the urge to draw ponies.
Then take the challenges and use it to draw not-ponies!