3059. I am not allowed to ask what "Core" means.
3060. I can't join a game where the shtick is "Core only", then ask if I can use 12 different sources.
3060a. I can't do the above, then use 12 different sources anyway.
3061. Book of Vile Darkness/Exalted Deeds do not count as core just because they are mentioned in the DMG.
3062. Pathfinder is not "the other 3.5".
3063. CoC is not "the other Pathifnder".
3064. 4e is not "the other CoC".
3065. I cannot convince all the players in my party to create male human barbarians all named Spartacus.
3066. I cannot make something up ridiculously overpowered, then convince the DM that it was from an anonymous homebrew I found on the internet.
3067. I cannot make a male goblin multiclass fighter/rogue/cleric/barbarian/paladin/monk/wizard/sorcerer/bard/ranger/druid named Senor Vorpal Kickasso.
3068. I can't get Weapon Proficiency (Furniture).
3069. Not being able to rhyme or wink is not a valid character flaw.
3070. I am not allowed to be a half stone golem.
3071. I am no longer allowed to read Goblins.
3072. I can't encourage friends new to DnD to be Elven Barbarians or Half-Orc Wizards.
3073. I can't make the Sphinx's Riddle "How do magnets work?".
3073a. or Are you smarter than a fifth grader?
3073b. or Doctor Who?
3073c. or How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
3073d. or Is the answer no?
3074. I can't make riddles anymore.
3075. If I make NPCs walking around but forgot to actually have them do anything, I can't make them say "Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter."
3075a. "I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee."
3075b. "We won't go quietly, Legion can count on that."
3075c. "Ave true to Caeser."
3075d. "Come to Mick and Ralph's for all your shopping needs!"
3076. I can't take off all my clothes and try to use "Sexiness" as a weapon.
3076a. Especially if my character is female.
3076b. Especially if my character is a female nymph.
3076c. Especially if my character is a female troll.
3077. "Too sexy for my shirt" is not a valid character flaw.
3077a. Even if my character is female and has 18 charisma.
3077aa. Even if it is literal.