I will file that under "Ideas I will consider for when I start giving the animals stuff, IE, on slow days/updates."

As a side note, there are games where you can get a pig. It hunts truffles, because of Toma02's explanation. The most living a thing you can eat is fish.

Maria blushes if she picks up that sort of romance, much less reads it. Popsi's ditzy and childish, but grew up with her mother, who is very flirty (by the town's standards) and expressive -- and so probably learned some innuendos. Elli likes Fox too much to consider him a perv, and didn't think a whole discussion would do any good. Karen probably also thought it was dumb, but more because she doesn't see the point of ganging up on a guy for seeing an innuendo -- Karen's just more inclined to laugh off or yell at something she thinks is dumb. Ann is easily flustered and excitable. All of them see Fox as a friend.