Patient 413, Part 2

I took about four weeks for Stroffelnburg to recover from the events of his third interview with Patient 413. Part of the problem was that he was very much afraid of What Pumpkin, and loathed to step in front of those merciless, cold, empty little eyes. Most of the problem, however, is probably the huge chunk of nose that Patient 413 bit off of Stroffelnburg's face.

You see, the good doctor was just so sure he'd finally hit a breakthrough when 413 spoke. He was just so ecstatic and pleased with himself, he'd completely let his guard down. Forgetting all too quickly just how dangerous the reports said that What Pumpkin could be, he stood up out of his chair with a smile beaming all about his face, leeeeeaned in towards What in case he had anything else to say, and then-

...Well, I'm pretty sure you can figure out what happened next. The orderlies flew into a panic the moment blood shot up into the air, rushing to subdue the patient. Unfortunately, the shock of their stun batons only served to make Patient 413 instinctively clench his teeth even tighter. Very soon afterwards, Stroffelnburg found himself feeling exceptionally grateful that the island facility was equipped with such state-of-the-art medical technology. His nose would never be quite the same again, but at least they staunched the bleeding before the doctor could...well, you know.

Meanwhile, as Stroffelnburg spent a month or so having his schnoz rebuilt, the orderlies set about reinventing the solitary confinement protocols that were in place for Paient 413. His security escort around the facility tripled in size. Stun batons were replaced with riot shotguns filled with non-lethal rubber slugs (the Patient supposedly refused to use guns). When they weren't pumping enough drugs into both his food and injections to get an elephant drunk, they were experimenting with all kinds of straitjackets, manacles, handcuffs, blindfolds, ball-and-chains, and any other restraining devices you care to think of, trying to find a combination so potent, even Mr. Nosebiter wouldn't be able to pull a fast one on any of them ever again.

Long story short, 413 outmaneuvered them all again anyway.

Explanation Owed To Everyone: This is Stroffelnburg. This is what used to be his Psychiatric Hospital. What wasn't around when all of this stuff happened, but if he was, this story is my best guess as to what might've occurred instead.

Anyways, Part 2 is a little short, mostly because I owe Jacklu a post in the MagCave right now, and also because I just made it up as I went along, instead of tinkering with it in a Word document for a day or so until everything was just right.

Oh, and on an unrelated note, everything Happy and Wolfy write in this thread is gold. *Skedaddles to go post now*