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Okay, so Lord_Gareth poked me via PM about this thread again today, so this is me sheepishly wandering back in. As of right now, I fully intend to read everything, but I probably won't comment on it - 6 pages is just too much - unless there is something that someone specifically requests I read (Gareth, wasn't there something you were badgering me about earlier?)

I am however, commenting on this one above, because the ending made me snicker - I thought the battle itself was good, you gave enough information for us to understand what was going on and who was doing what, without getting bogged down in all the little details (which is what happens to me when I write battle scenes, you can pack a surprising amount into 6 seconds!). The only thing I'd suggest would be make the last two sentences a separate paragraph to give it more oopmh.
I poked you about vampires