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    I think I got a handle on what Fox might be like from his big city days to try a bit of writing too.

    In the mail today, Fox found this letter that had been typed out.

    Dear Fox,

    do you have ANY IDEA how much trouble it was to track you down? If you hadn't told me that you were going to your grandpa's funeral, I'd STILL be looking. Your dad was certainly no help. When I asked him he just mumbled something about you going off to fail on someone elses dime for once.

    God, he is such a jagoff. So, I take it that your move out to the boonies is some sort of independence thing you got going, right?

    Fox, I know you've been looking for some way to get out of his thumb, and have been for years, but at LEAST TELL ME ABOUT IT! You've been gone since the end of winter and you didn't think to send any word to your best friend? That's a pretty **** move, man. Bar hopping isn't the same without my drinking buddy either.

    On the subject of bar hopping, Mel says hi. Jane too. Also Kelly, Deb, Christy and Teyla. Oh yea, and the twins! Oh man, those two are as wild as ever and I can't handle them on my own. I need my wingman back. I know, I know, you need to find some sort of work that's more suitable then a desk jockey but do you HAVE to go out to some little hick town to find it? How can you give up the WOMEN? Do they even have any cute girls out there that might seem interested in your sorry ass? Cause, man, while you may have been Mr. Popularity in the city, boony girls take an entirely different skill set.

    I'm told you don't even have a phone anymore but I'm still expecting to hear about what the heck you are doing out there. Cause I have NO IDEA what is going on with ya. All I know is that you're in your grandpa's house and that you are dirt poor. I bet you haven't even been able to buy a single decent drink since you got out that. Am I right? So write back and tell me what's up. I'm dying here man. I need some info.

    Your friend,
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