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    Default Re: 64 Times the Harvesting: Let's Play Harvest Moon 64

    Dear Tom,

    It's complicated, alright? Anyway, it's not my fault you did your annual 'throw your answering machine out of your apartment window in a New Year's Drunken Bender' thing! I left a message in the vain and foolish hope...That you'd not smash stuff for a change! I mean, gods and goddesses, man!

    ...Also, there are some cute girls here. But you're totally right. It's totally hopeless for me... Though I see some girls every now and again that may be a bit quicker on the uptake.
    But they're really nice. I dunno. They're cool. Better than nothing, you know?

    And hey, who are you, trying to tell me how to live, huh? It's not perfect (you're right about the drink thing), but... Sometimes a man has to do a thing because it feels right to him, not because it's convenient or even because it's fun. Or even if it cheeses off a certain man strangled by his necktie (only in my dreams, I guess).... You ever had a dream, man? Not like a sleeping dream, or a fantasy, but something you really wanted in your bones? I never did. Shoot, I'm not even sure what I'm saying.
    We'll see how it all turns out. Wish me luck. Even if I don't stay here...I need this to work.

    Give everyone my love, or failing that, my lust. Oh, and now that I'm at it... The next time Richard in accounting drapes his arm around anyone and starts talking like they're best buddies and that sort of stuff... Punch him.

    I'll write more often, though. I do miss my buddy.

    - Fox

    ((I retain the rights to declare this conversation canon or not, but everything Fox said is something Fox would say. I do not garuntee it would be honest.
    Also, sorry for the delays in most of my projects; just been sort of worn-out))
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