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So, excepting the praetorian and bastion, interception makes an ally wear your full plate for an attack? To tell you the truth I don't really like it. What if the sentinel is caught sleeping naked with his wife by an assasin. He can't protect her then at all. Perhaps you should make it a flat +4 or +6 bonus (considering everyone can wear a chain shirt) or his armor bonus (so +8 usually), whichever is higher to help in cases like that. Also his challenge has an unlimited range, so he could challenge whole armies . I guess E6 Kratos dipped Sentinel.
I see your point on the sentinel, though I do want to encourage them to be the heavily-armored tank. Perhaps an additional bonus to the ally's armor class equal to the sentinel's BAB? That would make even a naked sentinel capable of protecting someone somewhat.

Challenge's range is an oversight on my part. Will fix. Should be 30'.

I'm envisioning the new sentinel as sort of a combat-oriented chessmaster, repositioning himself and allies to best defensive advantage while penalizing opponents for choosing targets other than himself.