As I wrote it, it's actually....

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Never mind the fact that they couldn't wear medium or heavy armor and get the AC bonus from Charisma
I may change that for the sake of leather (or a chainmail bikini which would probably qualify as a chain shirt under the laws of D&D female-armor logic), but I tend to frown on that trope and so I'm currently assuming it's the same deal as the Monk (I've debated importing a few more Monk class features to keep with the "unarmed and unarmored" thing, though they don't need unarmed strike since they have spells). You have to be *completely* armorless, plus not carrying more than a light load.

The standard cleric gets the shaft here.
True, but armor proficiency and 3/4 bab might be worth more than skills, depending on game. All I'm sure of is that I like skills better because they allow customization; that might matter less to some players.

Miscellaneous: The cloistered cleric gets an extra domain (which he can immediately switch out for Knowledge Devotion), extra spells, and bardic lore. Edge definitely to cloistered.
I haven't ruled out an extra domain for the celebrant, but there isn't an obvious answer like Knowledge. Healing is redundant with sponcasting, Pleasure is not from core, and I can't think of any other reasonable options offhand. Things like Luck and Protection fit, but not as something ALL members of the class get.

Out of these things, few of them are relevant to high or even mid-level play, as the cleric's spells and domains are basically the only class features that matter, and this variant does nothing with either.
This is not of great concern to me. The point of the class is to provide a flavorful option for those who want to play a certain style of character; making it as powerful as an existing Tier 1 class is at *best* a low priority. You might as well tell WOTCO to fix the Beguiler so it can do BFC and such as well as the Wizard.

I'd like to see more substantial differences in the class, honestly. Perhaps you could add a few charm-related spells to its list
A distinct possibility since the Cloistered also gets more spells. I'm not good at shopping the spell list though. Got any core-only suggestions, spells currently exclusive to non-cleric classes (save for the occasional domain) which fit well with a free-lovey Beguiler-esque class?