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Thread: Cleric Variant: The Celebrant

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    This is not of great concern to me. The point of the class is to provide a flavorful option for those who want to play a certain style of character; making it as powerful as an existing Tier 1 class is at *best* a low priority. You might as well tell WOTCO to fix the Beguiler so it can do BFC and such as well as the Wizard.
    I'm just saying that I don't think it is substantially different enough from the standard cleric. A standard cleric can wear light armor and take the Celerity domain to do basically the exact same thing here.

    As for spells:

    Anything from the Charm domain might be relevant (it might also work as an extra domain - it's not core, but it is in the SRD). Charm spells, Hold spells (Dominate seems less in character for this kind of cleric), Glibness, Heroism, Sleep, all of the more pacifistic enchantment spells, really.

    Irresistible Dance, definitely.