i d prefer a flat bonus maybe increasing at lvl 6. If you get bab as bonus at first level just 5% of the attacks assuming the opponent needs to roll a 10 to hit miss due to the inception ability, which is to less to get really noticed.

in my eyes a flat +4 increasing to +6 at lvl 6 or a flat attribute modifier would do the it better.

the scoundrel->cutthroat got a problem at lvl 4 he got 8 maneuvers known but his very narrow list got only 6 possible maneuvers he can choose from. he might get another discipline like the iron heart or sth.

another thing is the blackmages->necros enervation spell-like ability. enervation got no save just a ranged touch attack and if its maximized and empowerd it is a no save instagib for any not immune e6 char. how bout giving him eduads black tentacles? they are no necromancy spell, but a necromancer is a conjurer aswell.

at last a suggestion of mine about the zealot->initiate. how about giving him the choice of taking blackmage instead of whitemage if the character is evil?