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I'm just saying that I don't think it is substantially different enough from the standard cleric. A standard cleric can wear light armor and take the Celerity domain to do basically the exact same thing here.
A standard cleric has very little reason to wear light armor, given that medium and heavy armor are available options to them. If you cared about Armor Check Penalty you'd probably play a rogue or a sorcerer or something. The idea here is to have a cleric who gets something for not wearing armor; throwing on monk AC, only based on Charisma, seemed like the least invasive solution (short of just gestalting with the Monk to avoid MAD).

Anything from the Charm domain might be relevant (it might also work as an extra domain - it's not core, but it is in the SRD).
Er...it is? (looks) Well now that is rather weird and slightly annoying, hiding those domains in the divine rules when they're not actually limited to deities. Better than not publishing them at all, I s'pose, but still weird.

Charm spells, Hold spells (Dominate seems less in character for this kind of cleric), Glibness, Heroism, Sleep, all of the more pacifistic enchantment spells, really.

Irresistible Dance, definitely.
Dominate is pretty no, yeah. I could see an argument for Dance, but not sure. Hideous Laughter might also work apart from the name. Glibness is just about a for-sure. Heroism is probably a little martial for these guys, and Sleep is kinda a mixed message, will have to think about it.