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"Please, Randel, let's try our best." The Magnemite beside her bobbled slightly, beeping as its magnets spun gently, and flew forward into the electric webs that crossed the floor. "Use your Supersonic attack!" Stopping halfway across the battlefield from the Hoothoot, it let off an intense high-pitched sound.

Move to F8, use Supersonic on Hoothoot, with penalty for targeting through rough terrain.

Acc: (1d20)[7]
Electricity surges through your Magnemite's body as it floats above the magnetic floor. The electricity seems to give it strength!

"Watch out, Hoothoot!" Zayir's Hoothoot manages to dodge the stream of sound, and flies on over to your Magnemite, bashing into it with its body.

Randel's ATK & SATK raised one combat stage!
Hoothoot moves to F7, Tackle!
AC 3 (1d20)[7]
Damage: (2d8+9)[19] / 2