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    Quote Originally Posted by HZ514 View Post
    "NO!" Leia screams as she tries to intervene this time like she did with Mordecai's battle. But she's too late, and your Oshawott thuds into her Cubchoo with vicious force. A collective gasp of horror escapes from the audience, as everyone in the gym can tell that tackle hit especially hard. The Cubchoo flies backwards and starts convulsing on the ground. "No no no no no..." Leia tries everything she can to stabilize it, but the Cubchoo only seems to get worse. Realizing she doesn't have the ability to save it, she rushes it off to the Pokemon Center, telling you simply, "Stay put until I get back."

    Your Oshawott receives 100 EXP from the battle murder.
    For a flash of a second, some of the spectators may see a vicious grin flash across the face of Pitch, only to disappear as fast as it came. Perhaps it was just a trick of the light?

    "Thales, return," he says in an angry voice. "I'll deal with you later."

    The new murderer climbs out of the enclosure. "Leader Leia! Wait! I-I'm sorry!" he says, sounding perhaps slightly less torn up than he should. "It was an accident!"

    Of course it wasn't an accident. The whole time Pitch had been thinking Kill, kill, kill. While outwardly he had said not to, that didn't change the fact that that was what he had wanted. This was risky. He only needed to win. Killing the Cubchoo was a mistake. He needed to get out of here....

    But running would be suspicious. A semblance of a plan formed in his head, Pitch sits down, putting his head in his hands. His body shakes in what may be sobbing, but if somebody were to get close enough they'd hear a low chuckle, barely audible, escaping from the trainer's mouth.
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