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    Nikolas chuckled, embarrassed that his Pokemon had beaten him to the punch yet again. "Thanks Orobas, I don't know where I would be without you." Probably on the run, or joined with Team Ostra. But that didn't really matter right now.

    Gathering the syringe in his hand, he placed it into his bag. He didn't really know what it would teach and knowing him, he would probably mess it up if he tried to use it. He would probably be able to ask about it at the Pokemon Center and see if it suited Orobas.

    "L-let's go see what that commotion is all about, Orobas. Maybe Avu is having trouble with something, we should probably go help him if that's the case." He bends down to sling his bag and pick up Abra before returning to the front of the gym. He would repay his debt to the man yet.
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