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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistral View Post
    Randel took the impact head-on, knocked back by the blow. Its steel shell creaked as it drifted backwards, spinning slightly as it tried to recover. Plainly worried, Celeste looked on, but if Supersonic hadn't worked..."Use Tackle!" Randel's single eye slitted slightly as it rushed forward, trying to return the favor.

    HP: 14/20
    Battle Stages: +1 ATK; +1 SPATK

    Shift to F9, then back to F8, using Tackle on Hoothoot.

    Acc (3): (1d20)[2]
    Damage: (2d8+9)[19]
    The crowd shifts their eyes back and forth as the two combatants exchange blows. In another environment, tackle battles would be much less entertaining, but it was a testament to Zayir's showmanship that the crowd was eating this up.

    Following the Magnemite's strike, more electricity courses through it. Sparks start to fly off of it as it gets stronger! "Hoothoot, tackle it again! We don't have long before it gets overwhelmingly powerful!" Unfortunately, the sparks seem to diminish the Hoothoot's will just enough for it to miss it's attack.

    Randel receives another +1 to ATK and SATK!
    Hoothoot shifts back and forward again, Tackle!
    AC (3) (1d20)[2]
    Damage: (2d8+9)[19] (/2 upon resistance)
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