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    Quote Originally Posted by HZ514 View Post
    Leia does not say anything, too busy running full speed to the Pokemon Center. As you sit down, the murmurs from the audience grow more intense. You can make out snippets of their discussions. "Can't believe...What is wrong with...Is it actually...What happens now?"

    Some time later, the doors to the gym open once again. Leia slowly walks in, without the Cubchoo in her arms. Her face is contorted in grief and sorrow as she walks past you to the back of the gym. She returns to you with a bag of items like she had given Mordecai, but there was no joy in her voice. She merely dropped the items in front of you in silence.

    First, a pokedex. Then a pokegear. She pockets the TM instead of giving it to you. She gives you the three potions but holds on to the water. She puts a single pokeball down. "Get out." She makes no motion to take your pokeball with Thales in it away. The crowd is utterly silent. No one dares say a thing until you are gone.
    Pitch takes the bag, silent.

    "I'm sorry," he says, gently patting her on the shoulder as he walks out, trying to seem like he's in grief.

    It was really immature of her, holding rewards back like that. He had won fair and square, and it wasn't his fault Thales had killed the Cubchoo. She should be thanking him. He had removed a weak tool from her possession. He had helped her. He would return someday to repay her rudeness, but today was not that day.

    He exits the Gym without looking back, heading towards the Pokemon Center to get his new 'friend' patched up. He had planned on going straight into the wilds to make him train, but he had done well. He deserved a little reward.
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