I'll make sure that I do. Oh, can I try out this contraption on the pokemon you would have used and your Arcanine to make sure it works?

(Assuming he scans them and then leaves)
As soon as Leo exits the gym, he gives the berry to Piri Piri. Don't eat it now, save it for when you need it. You'll get fed plenty, I promsie. Hopefully that berry will still be there by the time the day is over. Looks like he's hungry. His stomach growls Aaaand I am too. He heads to the cafe that his mom runs with Piri Piri behind him.

Cosmic Cafe was a small little establishment. It was famous for its outrageously spicy food, but if you liked it hot, you were in heaven. It brought in enough money for the Blackwells to live relatively comfortably, but they weren't rich by any means.

Mom you here?