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    Quote Originally Posted by theDuskling View Post
    i d prefer a flat bonus maybe increasing at lvl 6. If you get bab as bonus at first level just 5% of the attacks assuming the opponent needs to roll a 10 to hit miss due to the inception ability, which is to less to get really noticed.

    in my eyes a flat +4 increasing to +6 at lvl 6 or a flat attribute modifier would do the it better.

    the scoundrel->cutthroat got a problem at lvl 4 he got 8 maneuvers known but his very narrow list got only 6 possible maneuvers he can choose from. he might get another discipline like the iron heart or sth.

    another thing is the blackmages->necros enervation spell-like ability. enervation got no save just a ranged touch attack and if its maximized and empowerd it is a no save instagib for any not immune e6 char. how bout giving him eduads black tentacles? they are no necromancy spell, but a necromancer is a conjurer aswell.

    at last a suggestion of mine about the zealot->initiate. how about giving him the choice of taking blackmage instead of whitemage if the character is evil?
    Black Tentacles is currently off limits as a Capstone spell. It's just too much. I should probably do the same with Enervation, due to things like Maximize and Empower SLA. Death Ward may be an appropriate replacement.

    I'll look into the other parts. The zealot suggestion seems reasonable. I'm about this close to removing the initiator archetypes and relegating them to the "Alternate Classes" section.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kholai View Post
    Not to rehash my original suggestion for the Sentinel here, but the Cover mechanic already exists and is inherently scaling for these purposes. It would easily be possible to give increased cover should the Sentinel be using a shield.
    Oops, I seemed to have missed those. I like the idea of granting cover, but Disrupt seems a bit like it would bog down combat (attack + opponent save for every time you use it). I don't generally like to use "two rolls to make it work" effects, though for powerful effects like engineer inventions or sage strikes I occasionally find it appropriate. I do like Ferocious Defender, though. I'd be more inclined to just say "Hey, if your Ferocious Defender AoO hits, you can choose to have it do no damage to stop the incoming attack."

    Quote Originally Posted by theDuskling View Post
    yea but what would happen to those landsknechts out of there using two handed spears.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kholai View Post
    Presumably they would wear a buckler, or not grant an improved cover bonus and be left at +4, no?
    Landsknechts sacrifice defensive abilities for increased covering area, seems fair. It and all other archetypes are in transition right now, to account for outdated mechanics.

    EDIT: Working a bit on the warlock right now; progress has been slowed somewhat by real life.