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    "Oh no." Waves of dread rolled down on Nikolas' chest and the sweating was back in full force. He had to get away. Before his father could find him. Before everything was ruined. He turned to leave but stopped. He wanted to scream at his legs to move forward but before he could help it he was determinedly marching back toward the gym.

    Avu had done so much for him in he short amount of time that they had met. Nikolas had initially been afraid of the man but all that had changed the second the psychic opened his mouth. The gym leader he had also given him warm words, encouragement, and a friend that he didn't know he had. More than he could say about his own father.

    He could not leave, would not leave until he helped deal with his father. Sure, Avu could probably take care of himself but Richard Torel was a problem Nikolas Torel had to deal with. He'd spent half his life running and hiding from his father all his life; this was going to change right now.

    "That man who barged in is my father. Please let me in sir. We need to have words"
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