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    Quote Originally Posted by HZ514 View Post
    The crowd is going wild as your Magnemite deals another strong blow to the Hoothoot! Just when it looks like your opponent's pokemon is stabilizing itself, the Hoothoot starts twitching uncontrollably in midair. It seems to have lost control of its body! It falls out of the air onto the electrified floor, where it takes further damage. The crowd collectively draws their breath.

    Suddenly, Zayir jumps down from his platform and recalls his Hoothoot before it gets fried. "A thrilling battle! Type advantage has indeed won you this contest, despite your Magnemite not having any electric attacks! Congratulations, Miss Noricen," he says, bowing deeply. "You have won!" He walks over to you and raises your hand in victory for the crowd to applaud.
    Along with Zayir, Randel came flying back to her, headbutting her in its enthusiasm for a hard-fought victory. She catches him in one hand, even as Zayir holds up her other one for the riotous crowd. "Thank you, Randel, she murmured to it, and to Zayir, she added, "And thank you, sir, both for Randel and for allowing me to become a trainer."
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