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She cancelled the battles. She's weak. She doesn't understand anything. If all the Gym Leaders are like this, then I'm in luck. All naive fools who will easily fall.

"Uh, yes," he says, placing Thale's Pokeball on the counter. "Just a quick heal for my friend here."

Don't mention the Gym, you just killed her muking Cubchoo. Don't brag, don't mention it, don't brag....

"I just got him. Battled the leader for him and everything. He's a little enthusiatic in battles, but that can be trained out, right?" he says, leaning on the counter as he brags, making conversation.

Why the muk did I spill that? Needs, not wants. No more bragging. What was the name of the competitor in front of me.... Maximus? Mordimus? Mordecai? Mordecai.
The nurse looks amused by your bravado. No doubt she hears various degrees of it every single day. I shall heal your friend right away, Sir. And here are a few potions on the house, since you just became a new trainer and all, Mister...what'd you say your name was? she asks as she hands you two potions.