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Along with Zayir, Randel came flying back to her, headbutting her in its enthusiasm for a hard-fought victory. She catches him in one hand, even as Zayir holds up her other one for the riotous crowd. "Thank you, Randel, she murmured to it, and to Zayir, she added, "And thank you, sir, both for Randel and for allowing me to become a trainer."
"Why, don't thank me, you've earned it! It is all of us who should thank you for a great show today. But please allow me to part ways with young Randel here." Zayir bends over to tell your Magnemite, "You're destined for great things, Randel. So long as you stick with Miss Noricen here!" Then he excuses himself to go grab some parting gifts from backstage. He returns and hands you one thing at a time, accompanied by enthusiastic explanations.

"This is a Pokedex! You just point, click, and bam! Info about whatever pokemon you've happened to come across. It takes a bit of time to warm up, but all great ones do! Be sure to constantly use it, as you'll find the knowledge is invaluable to any growing trainer.

And this flashy item is a Pokegear. It is a watch, a phone, and a map among other things. Consult it whenever you need a little help scheduling a show or finding one. Never be late, dear! The trick to proper showmanship is to always be early, in case something goes drastically wrong.

Here are some items for the road as well. Three potions to patch your pokemon up, three bottles of enriched water to quench your thirst, and three pokeballs to add more members to your lineup!

Of course, this little guy will be your headliner. So here's a metronome to help him perfect his act. Practice makes perfect, Randel!

And finally, here's a TM to help you out. It contains Thunder Wave, a magnificent move for any rising star.

I do hope you come back someday for an even more thrilling battle, Miss Noricen. Until then!
" He bows deeply to you.