Mordecai noted that Kamoho didn't bite /her/. Huh. So maybe it was a trust issue. Still, that'd be something to work towards... and now there'd be time. Phew!

He accepted the pokedex gratefully, looking over both it and the pokegear. Ironically, the latter he didn't need too much - being a ranger, he already had similar built into his styler - but he knew he could link the two anyway.

Potions reminded him - he had to take care to ensure he wouldn't run out of money, or his journey would get exceptionally difficult.

Mordecai noticed that Kamoho noticed the berry - pretty much exclusively. Sour foods, then. Yeesh.

"Thank you, Leia!" He glanced at the TM. "Never heard of... uh, raining dance before. Kamoho definitely needs to head to the pokemon centre, though."

It was all he could do to make his walk to the pokemon centre merely a walk and not a mad dash.


"H-hello! Can you help my totodile?"

Mordecai reached towards his pokemon, but did catch the mischevious smirk. Expecting another bite, he instead paused. "You need me to return him, right?"

"Yes, please. It does expedite healing."

He then instead returned the pokemon, bypassing biting for the precise instant.

"Oh, I see you have a TM. From Leia, right?"


"Would you like me to apply it? It's much safer to have them applied in pokemon centres."

Mordecai... hadn't realized that. "Oh. Yes please, then."

After the healing, the nurse handed Mordecai his pokemon back. He released Kamoho who watched him idly.

"Please hold him steady."

Mordecai knelt. "Okay, Kamoho! Leia gave us a TM. It may hurt a bit, but I need you t- "

Granted... he should've probably expected the totodile to latch onto his arm. He was already getting a pretty good feel for when that was about to happen.

The nurse raised an eyebrow, however, as Mordecai didn't remove his hand. "Okay, he's ready." His voice was only slightly shaky.

She watched for a few more moments - the totodile seemed quite content biting Mordecai's arm pretty hard. Trainers nowdays... Shrugging, she prepared to administer the TM when she heard a commotion outside. Mordecai turned as well - was that... Leia? Why was she coming in here?

Kamoho, jaw still on Mordecai's arm, watched as well.