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    To be perfectly honest. When I wrote that, it never crossed my mind that you would consider it cannon, Deme. I just thought it would be a fun variation on the "ask the characters a question" thing you had going. Much like my idea for a roundtable discussion.

    The problem with the letter being cannon is that it means that anything I write about a character can potentially become cannon. For instance, I decided that Fox was a ladies man back in the city. That was my impression of him but it might not have been how you envisioned it.

    Some writers don't like to give up control and that is fine. I got no problem with the letters being non-cannon. However, if you like this idea and would like to make it cannon. Just send me a pm if anything is out of line with how I portray a character and I will gladly change it. That should mitigate any potential problems.

    You seem amiable to this idea so I'll write another letter in awhile. Maybe after you make the next story post.
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