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Alright, so setting up a Flux is based off of the plane that you are on, right?

So if I were a 14th+ level Yggdrarchitecture specialist, could I set up a 2x time Demiplane, and then set up an area of Flux with 2x time, and then put a box of Moonsilver there, for a 8x time bonanza? (I love my workshop, yes I do, I love my workshop, how about you?)

Or the other way around, for a 1/4 time area?
I think a double stacking is the best you're going to get. You can set a flux property to a demiplane when you first make it (or a gravity trait), but if you set up a flux inside of your own demiplane it's just going to be a different magnetic or gravity effect in the field compared to the rest of the demiplane. It doesn't get a totally separate set of planar traits compared to the rest of the Plane.

But yes, the time demiplane as a whole and the quicksilver workshop are feasible, so a 4x time flow is doable. Although bear in mind that that takes two Specialist principle from two separate disciplines, so you'd have to procure the quicksilver from another gramarist.