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    True Power (Magic System) - Based on the Wheel of Time RPG and books.

    Savage Tide Adventure Path in Eberron

    Out of character threads
    In character threads

    Isles of the Small Folk Campaign

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    Isles of the Small Folk Recruitment (Closed)
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    Isles of the Small Folk NPC list
    Dice rolls thread
    XP List

    Please feel free to make use of any PCs or former PCs of mine as NPCs for your own games. I enjoyed creating them and playing them, no matter how briefly, so nothing would please me more than if someone else found a use for them too.

    Current characters

    {TABLE]Character | OOC | IC | Colour | Description
    Wilhelmina 'Mina' Lovain d'Lyrandar|OOC|Red Hand of Doom in Eberron|DarkOrange| Khoravar Artificer 5
    Bellamy Saltfoot|OOC|Pirates of the Aether|Blue|Halfling Druid 4
    Reyes Ridenhour|OOC|Waterdeep|Dark Green|Human Cleric of Wee Jas 2[/TABLE]

    Former Characters

    {TABLE]Character | OOC | IC | Colour | Description
    Klar'ith Two Hearts | OOC | All Voldur | DarkOliveGreen | Voldur Cleric 2\ Wizard 1
    Burned Bear | OOC | Pathfinder Prehistoric | Sienna | Human Barbarian 1
    Prospero ir'Roath | OOC | A City in Pieces Inner Region | Purple | Human Wizard 4
    Boric Mort | OOC | Underholme| DarkRed| Gnome Sorcerer 6
    Ashayan Lovain d'Lyrandar|OOC|Forge of War|DeepSkyBlue| Half elf Bard 1
    Dannydd Nhamashal Lloigor|OOC|Jestul|DarkRed|Elven Wizard 5
    Dagobert 'Dag' von Gerhardt|OOC|The Silent War|Navy|Human Artificer 4
    Rhaern | OOC | Wheel of Time | Red | Human Aiel Wolfbrother (Druid)
    Loras Tealeaf | OOC | Liberate Tutame|Blue| Halfling Psychic Warrior 2\Monk 1
    Tuchon Ninaelchanar|OOC|A Land in Need|DarkOliveGreen|Grey Elf Wizard 6
    Kamaskra Mul|OOC|World War in (un)Dead|DarkRed|Vampire Dread Necromancer 8
    Seric Vonn Pinn|OOC|Birth of a New Species|DarkRed|Cleric of Hextor 1
    Echevaria Strata|OOC|Cavern of Arugal|Olive|Kalashtar Psion (Shaper) 1
    Dhorfin'aashta|OOC|Agents of the Twelve|Dark Green|Half Orc Ranger 3\Fighter 3
    Gormadoc Twin Blade|OOC|Maverick of the Outlands|Dark Green|Human Heroic Barbarian
    Eupraxia Glykeria|OOC|The Town in the Ruins|Silver Bold|Tiefling Witch 1
    Pythal Neiroma|OOC|The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh|Indigo|AD&D Elf Magic User/Thief 1
    Dajorn 'Dodge' Blaquesmith|OOC|Way of the Vile|Dark Green|Pathfinder Rogue (Spy) 1
    Mink Orduno|OOC|Yours for the taking|DarkOrange|Human Wizard 1
    Nettle Evans|OOC|Potters of the Carribean|Green|Half-Veela Witch 1
    Gunn Appleby|| The Came from Droaam| Teal| Rogue 5/Assassin 1
    Sang Wan Wyverna|OOC|Dissidents of Sarlona|Dark Green|Shifter Ranger 2\Wilder 1
    Pen ir'Embrace|OOC|Sleuths of Sharn|DarkGreen|Changeling Wizard 4
    Jino Joei|OOC|Tar Valon|Dark Orange|Tairen Wilder 3[/TABLE]

    Pythal Neiroma
    Elf Magic User\Thief
    Hit points: 5
    AC: 5
    THAC0: 20
    Alignment: Neutral
    STR|10|1-2 Open Doors, 2% Bend Bars
    INT|16|5 Additional Languages, 65% know spell, Min 7 Max 11 spells/level
    WIS|6|-1 Magical attack adjustment
    DEX|17|+2 reaction\att adj, -3 Def. adj. +5% PP, +10% OL, +5% MS, +5% HS
    CON|14|system shock 88%, resurrection 92%
    CHA|10|Max 4 henchmen[/TABLE]
    90% resistant to sleep and charm
    +1 to hit with bow, short sword or long sword
    Languages: Alignment, elvish, gnome, halfling, goblin, hobgoblin, orcish, gnoll, common, giant
    1 in 6 chance of detecting concealed doors
    2 in 6 chance of detecting secret doors if looking
    3 in 6 chance of detecting concealed doors if looking
    4 in 6 of surprising if not in metal armour and alone or with elves and halflings

    Backstab x2
    1st 1 Charm Person

    Spell Book:
    Charm Person
    Magic Missile

    Saving Throws

    Paralysation\Poison or Death Magic|13
    Breath Weapon|15


    Pythal Neiroma is a scout for the elven royal navy. He uses his stealth abilities to spy out opposition to the royal court and to explore new lands in search of threats. He tends to act independently of others and on land despite his affiliation and finds himself missing the simple joys of sailing. As a mage he knows that his powers are weak so he takes spells that can be useful in gaining allies. Above all he is a patriot.

    Spell book
    Leather armour 5gp
    Longsword 15gp
    Shortbow 15gp
    Quiver with 20 arrows 12sp
    Backpack 2gp
    Rope, 50' 4sp
    Iron rations, 1 week 5gp
    Thieves picks and tools 30gp


    {table]Weapon|Size S/M|Size L|Speed| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |10

    {table]Weapon|Size S/M|Size L|RoF|S|M|L| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |10

    My Game that Died :(
    Battle for the Five Nations

    Recruiting Thread
    Out of Character Thread
    In Character Thread
    Dice rolls thread
    XP list (confidential)
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