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    I never said it was canon; right now, it's sort of the schrodinger's cat of letters. If I need Fox to have had a buddy in the city with whom he can air his troubles, suddenly it's canon. If I turn around and say that he never had a good friend, then suddenly it's not. It floats in its own space until I need to accept or deny it. But I thought it may be a good idea to say that I think it could be -- because hey, I may need such a thing to exist, and if I do, It'll be easy because someone's already done the hard parts (inventing a dude and some letters) for me.

    On the other hand, your impression that Fox was a ladies' man was correct, as were most of your other impressions: I think it's been implied strongly, if not outright stated, that Fox was something of a ladies' man and a pick-up artist, with a string of casual and semi-casual hookups, full of pleasure and relatively regretless, but practically devoid real love (The times there was even a sliver of real love is when they were not regretless, if you enjoy that sort of irony). That last part may not be strongly implied, but it will become so as Fox gets various young ladies closer.

    Soooo...Yesterday I played maybe 60% of an update. Two full days of gameplay, all written and screenshotted and played. We got a cow.
    I come up this morning and find that my desktop resetted in the night. And it turns out I forgot to save my file.

    Hear that noise? That is the sound of ultimate suffering.
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