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In order to to that, you'd need the planejumping engine, hooked up to a circuit in the "Nexus", which has circuitry connected to clocks in many random time planes. It then automatically planeshifts to whichever plane is going fastest.
And you need enough erratic time planes to assure best flowing time rate. And you'd need in all either enclosed in quicksilver or made of it to actually reach 28800:1. You can't stack time x2 and erratic time, as there effects overwrite each other.
Time testing can be done with an engine that generates/outputs 100 ebbs per day. Stick it across, and if you have ~100 ebbs 1 round later, you have a fast timestream. Otherwise, recall it and stick it into another timestream. I haven't read the details on the power, robotics, and logic magitek yet, but this should be doable.