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The First Night - Vita/Rugal


That first night, when Vita had fallen asleep in his arms, Rugal couldn’t help but continue to be awake, looking at the innocent blond woman that was curled up with him. The V’traani couldn’t help but smile slightly at her as he reached over to stroke her cheek and hair lovingly. So much like them… He thinks to himself as buried memories swelled up within him. So much, but so very different too. The Matriarchs would have loved her.

The thought of the leaders of the Castes of his home city getting involved with a celibate priestess nearly made him laugh, but he was able to restrain himself to a smile in an effort to keep the noise down so Vita could remain asleep. As one of the few males of his species, and as one of the even rarer Seer Caste, he had originally been the consort to each of the Matriarchs at least a few times each. It’d been his duty, like that of every male, to see to it that the race would continue. In a harsh Deathworld like his home, he really hadn’t had much of a choice even if he had been somewhat disinclined to be used as a member of the Breeder Caste.

The thought of how it had been made him chuckle quietly before he leaned over to kiss his betrothed’s forehead. The happy little sigh she gave in her sleep made his heart melt and he couldn’t help but run his rough hand over her shoulder gently. If Matron-Warrior Elizaan could see me now… He thinks with an amused mental tone. The Matriarch of the Warrior Caste had been quite the powerful and forward woman, but she had seen it as her job to help nurture Rugal into the sage he had wished to be. For all her physical prowess, brash attitude, and zealous nature, Elizaan had been rather gentle and understanding. It was something of a peculiar trait for one of the Warrior Caste who were generally given over to bloodlust and barbarism. She was undoubtedly long gone by now, but he had no doubt that she’d laugh at his circumstances. She’d mock that he’d agreed to waiting thirteen years to be with a woman, and probably take offense that he’d wish to do so for a Soft Skin. He’d just look up at the Matriarch, smile slyly and shake his head before leaving her.

Somehow, he knew that Vita was worth it.

For all his five centuries of life, Vita was the first young woman he’d seen for a long time that took a vow this seriously. As he looked over her sleeping form, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Being a follower of both Slaanesh and his race’s own goddess, Eclipsia, chastity was almost akin to blasphemy. And for a young woman like Vita, having taken a Vow that was reinforced by the powers of her own Goddess…

It wasn’t something he could understand with ease, nor was it something he’d wish upon those who he hated. It was in his opinion that one should be able to partake of the pleasures of life.

You could have her. She wishes for you to take her and lay claim, showing her how to fully enjoy herself. She’d love you for it and you know it.
A dark little voice in his head and heart told the Seer. That is exactly what I am worried about and why I won’t do such a thing. After finding Slaanesh, Rugal had committed unnumbered atrocities and sins for his gods. He could see the faces of each of his victims, of the people he had cheated, defiled, manipulated, or murdered. People were so weak-minded when one could introduce them to new pleasures. Even Elizaan hadn’t been able to resist his efforts for long. Vita however…

He wouldn’t be able to bring himself to do such a thing to her. Never. Having such a bright ray of innocence in his life made him feel like his old self once again and he wasn’t willing to give it up. Even if it took thirteen years to get her fully into his life, he was hoping she’d stay. Taking in a deep breath, he leans forward to give the back of her neck a soft kiss before opening his third eye, the mark of being a Seer.

At first, he sees her body heat through thermal vision, but with a bit of focus, it shifts to a Sight much more powerful. His lips form into a soft smile as the pale white flame of Vita’s soul dances before his eyes, full of hope and devotion and blessed innocence to most of the ways of the world. Yes, thirteen years would be quite the long time, but with the vision of innocence playing before his eyes, thirteen years of waiting was hardly anything to pay to have that part of his life back.

For those who don't know, Rugal is one of my V'traani. To put it simply, they are a matriarchal tribal society where only 1 in 20 are born male and they gain strengths through ritual cannibalism and devouring of honored foes and prey. There's a lot more to it, but that's the base of it.