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    Default Re: She Blinded Me with Science! (Magitek That Doesn't Make Me Cry Myself To Sleep)

    Firstly, let me congratulate you on making this Incredibly Awesome set of rules.

    Anyway, it is probably intended but even while reading, I have already thought of multiple applications and devices (often before I even finished a section). This is great stuff.
    I have broken down the devices into individual modules, so they can be easily mixed and matched.


    Curie Effect (aka. nuclear reactor)
    100 ebbs + 1 cubic foot of sunmetal (which is 4 hours = 2400 ebbs) = nuke. Nuke deals d10 negative levels to each creature in 1 mile radius, also some hellfire damage.
    So if you can stuff 2500 ebbs generation into that mile radius, you make a profit. Given that transformer bubbles are actually quite small, you should be able to make lots of Ice behind heatshields (which have been buffed for resistance to fire, perhaps using normal magic enchantment)

    Of course, you can also spend more ebbs to perform the alchemical transition of any metal into gold (2 hours = 1200 ebbs) and then into sunmetal.

    Given that it's 1 mile radius, the number of transformers you could stuff in would be truly gigantic so I see no problems in meeting the 3700 ebbs breakeven point and have a nuclear reactor able to transform 1 cubic foot of any metal into some insane amount of energy. Better have a huge orichalum battery to tide you over to the next cycle (in 6 hours time).

    One would also think that Red kaleidomantic filters would come in rather useful in blocking collateral damage, although lead transformers would also be nice to have.

    Planck-Becquerel Generator (aka. Solar Panel)
    Dead simple, a Gold Input wired to Wood Output (and then transferred wherever) FYI, assuming a mere 6 hours of full daylight, a Gold Input generates 3 ebbs per round = 10 800 ebbs.

    A single Eternal Flame spell would generate 2 ebbs per round indefinitely.

    Carnot Engine
    Get a fire elemental, make it sit in a corner (perhaps trap via magic circle)
    An Ice transformer next to it will generate a perpetual flow of ebbs although with a varying output (d6s are kinda wonky). An orichalum capacitor to smooth the flow is required.

    A larger scale (but far more expensive) option without the moral implications would be a permanent wall of fire.



    Lightning Cannon
    Copper Output wired to some source of energy. Probably transmission based, so the source would be a Wood Input. The Input is fed ebbs from any particular generator or even just an orichalum battery.
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