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That is quite a nerf to the engineer. The main problem now is nova and having no inventions the other rounds.

From the changes it looks like the engineer will now need to buy a weapon (probably ranged) unless they take a gun invention. This could be a positive thing, as before I don't think I really used any of the engineers weapons, just his bombs and things.

This makes the engineer more a rouge with a couple of tricks up his sleeve but with less damage output. Whether this balances with the other classes though, I'm not sure.
It was pretty significant yeah. I think though, after examining all the angles and hearing out all the suggestions, that it is the best route for the engineer. Being able to bust out five level three inventions in one combat was a bit much, especially when you consider that level three inventions were on par (or sometimes even better than) level three spells. Your typical mage class could technically do the same at the cost of all his level three spell slots for the day - the previous incarnation of the engineer could still have five level three inventions left. So it A.) could use more powerful effects than the mage B.) could use them more often than the mage and C.) was better than the mage in almost every other respect - HD, skills, class features, et cetera. Toning down Improvisation and breaking Inventions Per Day down into levels was a reasonable way to rein that in without sacrificing the core essence of what the engineer is supposed to do.

However, balancing it against mages is only the start - I need to make sure that it's balanced against the other skilled classes. Right now, in my estimation, the Engineer and the Poet are a good baseline for what skilled classes should be capable of - jack-of-trades, with wide variety and adaptability, but not the pinnacles of power. The Sage redesign might be a bit over the top there (it certainly was when it had spellcasting), the Noble has been redone in some respects but still needs some work, and the Scoundrel honestly probably needs a boost.