Looking over the cleric, particularly war domain, I'm starting to get sort of a feeling of dread... like there's very little reason to play a fighter over it. We've already covered that combat superiority is lackluster, and the war cleric gets almost everything the fighter does... but it can cast spells too.

Let's see... same proficiencies as far as one-handed weapons goes. Doesn't get access to ranged weapons, but doesn't need them because they have spells. Radiant lance will do fine. Almost as tough, d8 dice instead of d10. Less accurate with attacks--at least until you cast a level 1 spell, Divine Favor, which can ONLY affect yourself (can't buff a fighter with it). Did I mention that Divine Favor lasts 6 rounds AND you can attack as part of the same action? Only thing holding them back is so few spells per day, really... I THINK the domain slot doesn't add an extra spell slot of each level per day, but I could be wrong. I think it just adds to the list of spells prepared.

Of course, channel divinity is essentially an extra spell per day, and it's really good in the hands of a war domain cleric--attack and heal as part of the same action. Hmm... isn't this a problem?