I'm almost disapointed that basically all of you went straight to martial uses. I'll start with something less inherently murderous: a train.

The train runs on silver rails which are constantly charged with high voltage currents by various stations on the line. Copper inputs are positioned such that they are just in range of the rails, removing any need to have fuel on hand.

Now, I figure that 30 mph is a decent speed to shoot for. Playing with the calculator tells us that 1 mph is roughly equal to a speed of 10 feet per round*, so we are shooting for a speed of 300. Lets say a freight train has a bulk of 2000**, order to reach the target speed we'd need a total push of 20 thousand. So, 200 engines are needed, and they require a total of 1200 puissance per round. Since I'm assuming a magisterial principal, lets assume level 9 is the highest level involved. At that level it is easy enough to make UMD checks in the thirties, so I'll assume that each transformer can handle 35 ebbs/round. This means that 32 copper/wood transformer pairs will be needed to supply power to the engines.

So, in total, a size enormous electricity powered freight train will require:
32 Copper Inputs
32 Wood Outputs
200 Orthogonal engines
Lots of rails with as low an electrical resistance as possible
Stations across the line which can provide the needed charge.

*Actually its closer to 9.6, but we are rounding already, so eh.
**I ran these numbers assuming a heavy Enormous train, but really I should have used a smaller size category.