Hey, attempting to make the internet doesn't have a direct martial use! Cut me some slack here.

Though I did have an awesome idea for a villainous plan:

The End of Caster Supremacy. Forever.

It will take forever (or a lot of workers, that is), but...

Silver Input Transformer. The Bubble needs to transcribe the Plane that you are on. My calculations (which I'll post when I get home) assume a planet the size of Earth, and a nice little drill to get there.

Switch it on, connect it to a circuit that stores all the energy.

With all the Aid Anothers you'll be getting, the SR to cast a spell will be crushing; all but a few spells will be effectively removed from that plane forever.

Alternatively, just drop a Submerging Badgerdrawn Stoneswimming vehicle powered by an Ice Transformer and some stored Ebbs.

The result? A machine that will deposit itself in the center of a planetary mass. And which would effectively be immune to the heat, due to the transformer drawing it all in.

Now, my friends, I would like you to look up "the Neutronium Alchemist". That would be this principle applied to the Sun.