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Thread: D&D Snippets II: The Snippetting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Bwaa View Post
    EDIT: Let me preface this by saying I really liked this snippet and I want to read more. I just have a tendency not to be very tactful when I'm writing critique, so please don't think that there was nothing I liked in here; I just didn't happen to point it out in the midst of this comment-storm. Sorry
    Hehe don't worry, people pay me to get yelled for a living so you have to work hard before i take offence.

    I do apologies for my grammatical and spelling errors, i just can't seem to see them till there pointed out and then i am like... wow how did that slip through .

    Tho being my nemesis as i seem to slip it in in all the wrong places without me realizing.

    Thanks for the really in-depth critique! it has given me lots to think about when it comes to my structuring.

    I will think on what you have said for a while then play with it some more. I might start looking at the other stuff i did to for this character. (this started as an abstract chr history for a dnd game i was playing in.)
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