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Looking over the cleric, particularly war domain, I'm starting to get sort of a feeling of dread... like there's very little reason to play a fighter over it. We've already covered that combat superiority is lackluster, and the war cleric gets almost everything the fighter does... but it can cast spells too.
You're kidding, right?

Let's see... same proficiencies as far as one-handed weapons goes. Doesn't get access to ranged weapons, but doesn't need them because they have spells. Radiant lance will do fine.
I'm calling foul on this. Radiant Lance only ever does 1d8+4 damage, a ranged weapon deals equivalent base damage, but there are also special abilities and feats fighters can use on them, and cleric blasts are not the greatest.

Almost as tough, d8 dice instead of d10.
I feel parry is relevant, but with a clerics healing it mostly evens out(though a fighter has a higher hit die, parry, and can be healed)

Less accurate with attacks--at least until you cast a level 1 spell, Divine Favor, which can ONLY affect yourself (can't buff a fighter with it). Did I mention that Divine Favor lasts 6 rounds AND you can attack as part of the same action? Only thing holding them back is so few spells per day, really... I THINK the domain slot doesn't add an extra spell slot of each level per day, but I could be wrong. I think it just adds to the list of spells prepared.
I do feel Divine power is a little too strong, especially considering it's level 1(it either needs to drop to +1, or not allow an attack when you cast it.) Though do remember, a cleric can only cast 3 level 1 spells per day, and every divine favor is another spell they can't cast.

Of course, channel divinity is essentially an extra spell per day, and it's really good in the hands of a war domain cleric--attack and heal as part of the same action. Hmm... isn't this a problem?
It is an extra heal, and it is nice with the war domain, but it doesn't look like it gets used often enough to be anything more than a nice occasional ability.

On the other hand, at level 1, a fighter gets 1d6 extra damage on their attack, every round, and by level 5 thats 2d8 damage, every round, at no cost. As far as damage over time, I think the fighter is at the head of the pack. A wizard at level 5 can, using their best spell slot, do 5d6 damage to a target a couple of times(fireball, average damage 17.5), a fighter can easily deal 1d12+2d8+4 damage every attack(average 19.5 damage). In any fight lasting more than a few rounds, the fighters damage per round will be at the highest in their party(unless the rogue can secure advantage every round).

The fighter is quite powerful, and that's just deadly strike, they still have the option to use their expertise dice for other effects.

I will say that, at level 1, a cleric seems a little powerful(which is when channel divinity, crusaders strike, and divine favor are at their best), and the fighter a little weak(expertise dice get dramatically better at level 5), but I find all the classes quite viable and competitive with one another.