Slightly off the current topic but i will barge in and ask it anyway.

I am currently running a 4e game and i am considering pulling the pin on it for one main reason.

The rules involving the Matrix are just to damn slow and heavy!

I understand them both theoretically and practically and designing a node or a cluster of nodes topology doesn't phase me in the slightest...


...When it comes down to actually doing anything above data search in the matrix its just becomes so slow and boring. Meanwhile all of your other non matrix based characters have to sit around watching the hacker throw big meaninglessness piles of dice over and over again until their ears bleed.

I know this is an ever present issue with shadowrun.

I know the standard advice is if you don't like the Matrix just have an NPC hacker "do" all the Matrix crap for them.

But the thing is...

...I really like the Matrix.

I think its an integral part of the setting and i want it to be a key factor in the way my runners think.

I just think the rules for the Matrix are way to heavy for practical use!
(+ i have at least one player in my game that loves the Matrix and everything to do with it.)

I guess what i'm looking for is a way to lighten up the 4e matrix rules some what.

Or streamline it...

i don't know.