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With so many dice, I think you would either have to reduce the at will capabilities, or make any dice used over the first stay burned until a long rest. Otherwise at 5th level, your fighter is doing [w] + 3d8 per round at will damage. Even if you factor magic, it seems like that just moves the problem from linear fighter / quadratic wizard to quadratic wizard / cubic fighter. I guess arguably the fighter wont get AOE but I'm not sure that's enough of a damper. Even using your progression it's still 3d6 at will, half as much as the rogue sneak attack which is already a bit overpowered in my opinion.
Like you pointed out, the damage is still half what the rogue has. In a bounded accuracy system, where hit/AC don't scale much if at all, your scaling has to come from damage and special abilities. If +3d8 single target at level 5 is causing problems, then they've done something wrong with the scaling of the game.

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Wait, what? Where is this information coming from?
The GenCon Keynotes Address, they made an announcement at the end.