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Warlock and Sorcerer being released as Vancian Alternatives tomorrow.

Quick take bets, over/under on both outclassing the Fighter and Rogue, and on whether or not they will have heavily ingrained fluff so you can't play a spellpoint character with wizard fluff, or whatever.
My guesses: Warlock will be more 3e-like in terms of at-wills and flavor, and probably won't outclass anyone; Sorcerer will be more 4e-like in terms of blasting focus and flavor, and will probably blow both the fighter and rogue out of the water.

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With so many dice, I think you would either have to reduce the at will capabilities, or make any dice used over the first stay burned until a long rest. Otherwise at 5th level, your fighter is doing [w] + 3d8 per round at will damage. Even if you factor magic, it seems like that just moves the problem from linear fighter / quadratic wizard to quadratic wizard / cubic fighter. I guess arguably the fighter wont get AOE but I'm not sure that's enough of a damper. Even using your progression it's still 3d6 at will, half as much as the rogue sneak attack which is already a bit overpowered in my opinion.
Honestly, [W]+3d8 damage doesn't sound too bad. The reliably high damage sounds very AD&D, in fact, where the average low-to-mid-level fighter could chew through ~1.5 even-HD monsters per round without breaking a sweat. I wouldn't mind a return to those levels of combat effectiveness for the fighter.