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    Default Re: Well That Was Unexpected Thread II: Now with 230% more lasers!

    Quote Originally Posted by Emperor Ing View Post
    I was actually very close to doing just that, unfortunately I remembered that that would set off the bomb. Because continent-sized fingers of doom don't explode.

    And you have to admit, only a Primarch could stop something like a continent-sized finger brought down by a planet-sized demigod

    Ask the Custodes 4: They're Brass part 2 is up. You can see why it takes so long to make.

    Questions? Comments? Critique?
    I like the Blood Ravens They helped inspire my Eclipse Hawk's color scheme... with one color, but still

    Also: what's that painting on the Angry Marine's ship of?

    Also, do you take Ponytar requests? Because that is an awesome Space Mareine Changeling.

    (Also for a third time: I just spotted a feature of part 1. Someone's legs are sticking down a panel)
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