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    Alias: None at all!

    Gender: Female!

    Race/Species: Dryad!

    Age: Technically well under a year, but she looks to be about five!

    Alignment: Neutral Good!

    Class/Profession: Little girl!

    Power Rating: E-

    Description: Hana's small, quite so. Even for a child of five. A short mop of cherry blossoms - hair, apparently - rests atop her head. Her large, dark pink eyes are constantly roaming. Her features are delicate and typically rounded, with a tiny nose and long, pointed ears.

    A little visual help, courtesy of Gulaghar:

    Equipment: Likely only some clothes! Though perhaps an instrument of some sort - maybe a flute.

    Abilities: Most of Hana's abilities are defined in the Dryad race entry, but otherwise, she seems to be musically inclined.

    Backstory: Made from the 'pollination' of a flower by the pixie Shae, and born by the treant Sarget, Hana has just barely come into the world. There's little backstory to speak of. While this mostly modern society frightens her, it is nice to know her older sister Sakura is around to watch out for her.

    Miscellaneous: It should be noted that this character sheet isn't quite active yet. Hana has yet to be born.
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