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And wouldn't you know, Grills would walk in to see the whole thing. "MOM!"

Chilly disn't turn around. She simply kept peeling potatoes. "Grilly, no yelling."

"Garion. He's.. He's"

"He's helping me. He's a good assistant." she calmly said.

"But this is a ljkfljvjkfdjsvjsd."
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Gwynfillion stood there a little durrrr at the scene before her. From her perspective it wasn't so bad as Grills' reaction made it seem. Life skills, Garion was learning a life skill of mashing potatoes. Okay, making a mess here wasn't a life skill. So she stood there all durrr like.

Garion finally got himself to let go of the hammer, and waved to his caretakers. "Hi Mister Grills! Hi Miss Gwyn!" He lifted up the potato-stained mallet and grinned. "I'm helping mash potatoes."