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    Quote Originally Posted by Grif View Post
    (Actually should we find Sandy or not? Or leave it up to random rolls?)

    Eventually, the two would reach the dumpster that Sandy was hiding in. The one with a lot of rose petal. However, by then, their spirits would be at their lowest, since they were already disappointed that they weren't able to help their friend. "You think... we should let Sandy be? I mean... he was kind of reluctant..." Silverpine said slowly.

    "I dunno...maybe? Maybe not...I mean...this is good for him, meeting new ponies, maybe get a fillyfriend, he's just too shy of a fella'...its good for him...like medicine..or something,"
    She was grasping at straws and lightly nickered. "Geeze...for an alleyway, its a nice one, and doesn't smell, kinda smells nice." Bedroom eyes ensued, she didn't have much of an attention span here, not with Silverpine looking studly. Melodramatic one moment, hungry for kisses the next. Oh the humanity.
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