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Garion gave her a toothy grin. "It's a lot of fun. The hammer goes down, the potato goes smash, and....and splat!" He threw his forelegs up in the air for emphasis. "So amazing..."

The colt turned his wide grin to Mister Grills. "Grandma thought I'd be better at mashing than peeling." He examined the mush still stuck to the hammer, and nodded confidently. "She's a smart pony."
""Thank you, dearie. Chilly leaned over to the colt and gave him a quick nuzzle. "Now mash another for me."

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"Hauh....alright....I see....."
Wince. Messy. Aargh. "I have no further comment."
Grills looked at Gwynfillion. Shoulders shrugged. "Mon, would you be willing to foalsit Garion sometimes?"

A grin reached both ears on the red mare. A chance to sit another foal? "Of course. Of course." she said calmly hiding her inner glee.