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Garion threw a tidy salute. "Yes, ma'am!" His tail grabbed another potato and expertly tossed it onto the counter. Up went the hammer in both hooves, and down it came with another great splat. The little colt giggled in sheer joy; why hadn't he tried doing something like this before? "Miss Gwyn? Can we get some potatoes for home?" he asked with a huge smile.
Grills cringed. The mess and technique was too much.

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Oh goddesses...the mess. "Maybe...we'll see." She defaulted to her usual answer when she didn't know how to answer.
"Perhaps you can smash potatoes at Miss Chilly's house? In two days. How about it, Garion?" suggested Grills. He had to save his and Gwynfillion's kitchens somehow. Plus he'd get to know about the colt's willingness to stay at his mother's.