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Two days?! "That's a long time, Mister Grills..." Garion pouted. "That's almost one day less than three days, and that's nearly forever! And forever's almost close enough to never, and why would it be at her house?" His curiosity was beating out his desire to mush potatoes, and he looked questioningly between the three older ponies for some sort of explanation.
"because Mrs Chilly needs time to prepare since she is an- she just needs time. And she would enjoy having you over. Right?" he explained. A large sweatdrop appeared on his face and Grills scratched the back of his head.

Chilly scratched her nose and put down her peeler. Something was up."I would love to watch Garion's anytime as he is so sweet. But what is the issue? What is the rush? You going someplace?"

'Well. I kinda want to go to Manhattan ...with Gwynfillion. "