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Yes. It also makes response a little difficult because it's very unclear what's a mistake and what's a temporary artifact of the sketching progress.
Should have realised sooner. I still think that is a failure on my part that you should bring up, especially relevant as I don't really intend to go much further with these particular sketches. And I'll strive to get you all something a little more completed looking in the future.

I recently got addicted to sketches and wound up making a unilateral decision to ink everything I did just to get me out of the habit. Been really paying off as far as arting goes, check my recent gallery.
I should leave comments more often to relieve you of the impression that I do not actually visit your thread daily, apparently.

Now, completely unrelated to anything else.

We have a framed scorpion in the house for some reason. I might draw it again at some point.