What I have tended to do with hacking is simply change it.

Hackers roll Attribute + Skill. Like spellcasters, their maximum hits is based on the rating of their program... you can't get a ton of information on a secret project if you're using Yahoo! as your only resource. Frequently, Hackers will be Logic-Heavy, since that tends to be their most-used for skills. Thresholds tend to be based on the Firewall of whatever they're attacking, or similar restrictions.

I'd probably do the same with Technomancers, but only change the Attribute to always be Resonance. I'd also be inclined to simply let them purchase Complex forms like they were spells (X karma/BP to purchase, set Rating up to Resonance; perhaps allow going over Resonance, but at the cost of something like Drain). However, I've never had anyone interested in playing a Technomancer.

I'd also let a technomancer come up with weird-ass Complex Forms that don't conform to usual rules and ideas.