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"I dunno...maybe? Maybe not...I mean...this is good for him, meeting new ponies, maybe get a fillyfriend, he's just too shy of a fella'...its good for him...like medicine..or something,"
She was grasping at straws and lightly nickered. "Geeze...for an alleyway, its a nice one, and doesn't smell, kinda smells nice." Bedroom eyes ensued, she didn't have much of an attention span here, not with Silverpine looking studly. Melodramatic one moment, hungry for kisses the next. Oh the humanity.
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[In Le Dumpster]

Sandy nervously fiddled with his hooves. They were so close, they might find him at any moment, but would that be so bad? Sure, he didn't want to go on any dates today, but he also didn't want to feel like this big of a jerk. He really should just open up, talk to his friends, be honest with them, but...but it was just too hard. They might just open the dumpster soon anyhow, then that would settle it all. No need to bother with popping out in that case. Yes, just better to sit still and stay quiet.

The stallion gave a quiet sigh, swirling a few rose petals dramatically around his head.
Silverpine shook his head, and trotted over to the last dumpster that he hadn't opened yet. Somehow this one had rosepetals scattered all over. Sandy would have a split second to react if he choose to. If not, Silverpine would dutifully open the last dumpster and give a cursory look. Maybe if it was deep enough, his casual glance might miss Sandy...